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June 02, 2008

Railsconf 2008 Slides for Worst Rails Code...

I'm happy to make available the slides for my well-received Railsconf 2008 presentation: The Worst Rails Code You've Ever Seen (and how not to write it yourself)


Greg Pollack (of RailsEnvy.com fame) included an interview with me about my talk in his Railsconf 2008 Videos collection. Direct link to the Vimeo clip is here.

I want to publicly thank Rocketeer Rein Henrichs for his somewhat late-minute agreement to co-present, even though it meant being up and alert at 9 am on Sunday morning after extreme sleep deprivation for the duration of the conference. We were able to riff off each other and crack up the audience -- without resorting to too many inside jokes. (Did you see what I did there, Rein?)

I also want to thank all my readers that responded to my call for bad code examples a couple of weeks ago. Explore the comments on that post for some good examples that I ended up not using.

One of the coolest things about the talk was that several community-benefiting ideas popped up because of it. I mentioned the possibility of signing authors to write a Rails Antipatterns book for my series from the stage, and Chad and Tammer from Thoughtbot volunteered pretty much immediately. Greg from RailsEnvy also suggested that he help me get the talk recorded as a video podcast and that'll happen sometime soon I'm sure, as well as the idea of turning the talk into some sort of recurring video podcast by me and Rein. We'll see... copious free time and all that being what it is.

Oh yeah, on a final self-congratulatory note, I also claim bragging rights for packing the room with 1000+ attendees on a Sunday morning! Maybe the scheduling gods will be kinder to me next year in Vegas?

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