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September 28, 2008

Lovin Every Minute of It

I heard the song quoted below on my drive into work the other day, and it crystallized one of the key philosophies behind the way I run Hashrocket.

Turn that dial all the way
Shoot me like a rocket into space
Lovin every minute of it
Loverboy "Lovin Every Minute of It" (1985)

That philosophy is love every minute of every day. I have plenty of stress in my job, keeping business flowing smoothly and making clients happy. The key is to enjoy it, even when it's difficult. Knowing that it's worthwhile, that I'm building something special is very important.

I told Durran about wanting to write this blog post, and he rolled his eyes. It's corny, I know. Still, it's so true and goes beyond "work hard, play hard". Just because the work is hard doesn't mean it can't be fun also, and if you're working the right way you should be able to love it too.

The spot.us team during storycarding. (Desi, JB, David Cohn, and Lark)

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