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January 16, 2009

Getting our National Service groove on with Apps for America

Apps for America Contest

I'm proud to announce that Hashrocket is answering President Obama's call to national service on Jan. 19th by getting together and building at least one App for America contest entry. Week-long brainstorming over what we'll build has not led to a conclusive decision, so we'll get together around 9 am and time-box the decision on what to build to at most an hour. We're leaning towards an app that gets you familiarized with your local politicians and how they are connected to issues that affect your community.

We're not focused on winning the Sunshine Foundation prize, but the judging criteria does provide us with a good set of guidelines for the day:

Awards will be judged based on the following criteria:

  1. Usefulness to constituents for watching over and communicating with their members of Congress

  2. Potential impact of ethical standards on Congress

  3. Originality of the application

  4. Potential usability of the application

  5. Code quality of application

By the way, we're throwing down the gauntlet to other Rails firms to do the same thing! (Nearby and want to join our team for a hack day? RSVP here)

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