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January 15, 2009

Pricing RailsBizConf

With over 40 respondents I'm starting to get a good idea of how to price registration. Given the difficult economic times, I was expecting a lot of respondents to my RailsBizConf survey to indicate a problem with the proposed registration cost. I was wrong, which makes me more confident that I'll actually be able to make this event happen.

RailsBizConf Price Graph 

Some interesting comments submitted as the other option on this field:

  • Wow, really? In this financial climate I have a hard time believing there are enough large Rails companies to afford this. I do hope I'm wrong though.
  • PWYC (dream on?)
  • I'm a poor student => $500

I'm talking to a design firm about some brand identity and marketing collateral today, as well as some preliminary talks with event planners.

Please keep the responses coming in and help me spread the word.

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