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March 06, 2009

The Way I Getting Things Done by Lark

The Way I Getting Things Done by Jon Larkowski from Hashrocket on Vimeo.

A focused six minute and forty second talk on the topic of GTD and staying "in the flow" by one of the first Rocketeers, Jon "Lark" Larkowski.

This is just one in an album of videos shot at the latest REFRESH Jacksonville event.

Incidentally, I've been doing Inbox Zero for at least a couple of weeks and it has really decreased my stress levels. Everything emailed to me gets either deleted or archived as soon as I look at it. (As a great side effect, the load of forcing myself to deal with every incoming message caused me to unsubscribe from a bunch of spam and mailing lists which I've lost interest in over time.) 

Unless I can reply or deal with it immediately, any email that needs further attention gets a yellow star and is archived. When I'm in the mood to work on reply and followups, I go to the star folder and start working my way down the list of yellow stars. If something has "gone cold" since the time I starred it, meaning that it's been followed-up to the satisfaction of the sender, or is now pending for awhile, I turn the star blue, meaning it's "on ice".

Oh yeah, I use GMail and the Superstars Lab feature. Don't you?

Anyway, stuff that's urgent to take care of gets flagged with a red bang icon. Stuff that's been taken care of gets a green checkmark. Stuff that's old still gets buried sometimes. I admit it's not a perfect system, but it's way better than what I had before.

Suggestions welcome, as always.

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