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February 26, 2010

Great CS Program for Girls Needs Funding

Started in 1996, Artemis is a nationally recognized outreach program to encourage girls from local public schools to pursue careers in Computer Science, and more broadly in science and engineering.

From their website description:

The Artemis Project is a free, five-week summer day camp for rising 9th grade girls in the Providence area who are interested in learning about science and technology. Traditionally, it has been run by four undergraduate women from Brown University in connection with Brown's Computer Science Department. This year, Artemis is pleased to announce that we will additionally have a coordinator from Boston University.

By teaching students computer skills, programming, and computer science concepts through engaging activities, the Artemis Project encourages young women to join the field of computer science. According to my friends in DevChix, early experience in computer programming is essential to stemming attrition rates among women in CS programs at the university level.

So here's a great opportunity to help sustain a program that has been getting girls excited about CS for 15 years. Artemis needs to raise $25,000 to keep the program going this year. My company, Hashrocket, will be making a sizable donation. If you or your company also is able to donate, you can do one of the following things...

1. Send a check made out to "Department of Computer Science, Brown University, Artemis Program" to:

Amy Tarbox
Department of Computer Science, Brown University
Box 1910, 115 Waterman St.
Providence, RI 02912

2. Donate online by going to https://gifts.development.brown.edu/Brown/ChooseGifts.aspx and under the "Other Current-Use Priorities" section, fill in "Artemis Program"

For more information on potential sponsorship arrangements, contact Amy Tarbox: abt@cs.brown.edu

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