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May 07, 2010

Hashrocket Named One of Top Employers in North Florida


I'll update this post with a link to the JBJ site article once it's available publicly in about 30 days.

Some additional information not included in the article:

  • We actually have about 25 employees based in Jacksonville. If you count everyone involved on a day-to-day basis including contractors at all locations the number is over 40.
  • We offer full match on 401k contributions up to IRS limits, with no vesting period
  • We reimburse monthly gym membership dues
  • We pick up the tab for our weekly happy hour on Wednesdays
  • High-end Apple workstations for everyone

Most importantly, but difficult to state concisely: We have fun on a daily basis because we work on cool projects with awesome clients. Most of our clients are startups and 100% success-focused. They encourage us to work the way we know will bring them the most success, which is why we're able to push the envelope on continuous process improvement. Progressive testing/spec'ing practices, pair programming, agile design, all these are possible because I actively avoid trying to work with clients that have legacy issues, corporate politics, non-cooperative stakeholders, saboteurs, etc.

We should have a real job listings page on our site soon. For the moment, if you're a great web designer or developer and feel like you would fit in at Hashrocket, contact jobs@hashrocket.com - We're hiring!

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