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November 24, 2011

Hiring Me As a Consultant / Part-time CTO

(Updated July 27, 2012)

My primary offering is honest and experienced advice. If you've followed me for awhile, then you know what my areas of expertise are:

  • Growing a consulting operation from scratch
  • Leadership of web development teams
  • Adoption of Agile and Lean Startup techniques
  • Ruby on Rails-related technology (I can pair-program with you or your team)

Hiring me as a consultant is really easy. You may purchase my time at a reasonable hourly rate, which fluctuates based on my workload and is negotiable based on the length of the commitment. A couple of hours will have a premium rate, but if you need more than that then I'm willing to be very reasonable and charge around what you would expect to pay a shop like Hashrocket for a developer.

You should also know that I will not try to sell you anything or anyone else if you hire me. I have no plans of building another Hashrocket. If you're interested in booking my time over the course of several months we can work out a retainer agreement similar to how you would retain a lawyer or accountant.

To book my time, we just need to have a preliminary conversation about what you want to achieve by hiring me. I don't have problems with signing an NDA, if you require it. Once we officially book our billable time together and execute a simple consulting agreement, I’ll get whatever I need from you to prepare and get started.

My email is obiefernandez@gmail.com I can help you win.


Hat tip to one of my heroes, Mr. Tincup, for inspring me to describe this offer in this way. You should hire him for marketing advice.

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