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May 22, 2012

Redis on Rails - RedDotRubyConf 2012

This past weekend I had the pleasure of delivering a wide-ranging talk in Singapore about using Redis as a complement to your main relational database. It was essentially a much enhanced redo of my RailsConf 2012 talk of the same name. The challenge of covering this topic effectively is that Redis is quite popular so at a single-track conference such as RedDotRubyConf, I was sure the audience would include many people that are already using Redis in production. For that reason, I cut down on the introductory material and dove into aspects of Redis, related libraries and programming techniques that I hoped would be of use to as much of the audience as possible. Apparently that strategy worked, because I was happy to get a lot of positive feedback from almost everyone at the conference.

The slides below are not particularly useful without the associated talk material, especially since I spent most of the time inside of the sample app doing live coding and code walkthroughs with explanations. However, the slides do provide you with pointers to a number of different libraries that are of definite use to you if you're using Redis to complement your relational database. I have every intention of expounding on this topic here on this blog since the technique has been very useful to me in development of DueProps. With that said, here are my slides. Enjoy.

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