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December 14, 2012

I want a kill switch for all the electronic communications in the house


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I want a kill switch for all the electronic communications in the house. I'd like it to be a physical device, with a big red button, in my master bedroom. Kind of like how some people have a security console next to their beds, except mine would assist with mental safety. At midnight, BOOM, one of us hits the switch and no more internet, mobile phones or cable television for anyone in the household for the next 7-8 hours. The concern started with Taylor's disturbing lack of sleep, but extends to my own desire to limit my connectivity and inject a measure of peaceful detachment into my nightly routine. Self-discipline gets you part of the way, but not all the way. With a kills switch, disconnect and it's time to sleep or read or do something non-connected and relaxing so that our minds can rest. More and more I am finding that the always-on nature of our daily lives dampens our creative energies and saps my internal, more spiritual motivations.

Implementation of this device is relatively straightforward when it comes to the internet and cable television... it could literally be a relay inserted into the main coaxial feed coming into the house. Mobile phone is a lot trickier and would probably involve some sort of cell scrambler of dubious legality. I have not investigated implementation of this proposed device at all and would rather discuss it further with my friends in the form of a mind experiment, with the following kinds of questions: Is it a good idea to begin with? What are the dangers? How to phase in, especially with regards to my contrarian and somewhat rebellious 16-year old daughter? Is this thing even feasible and if so, could it be a commercial success?

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