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February 25, 2013

Rave Reviews for Consulting Masterclass

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My next consulting masterclass with Brennan Dunn will happen the weekend March 16-17th. Over the course of two 5 hour sessions, we cover the nitty gritty of turning your freelancing or small contracting operation into a world-class operation. The core topics are sales and marketing, money, staff and client management, culture and products. Plus as an alumni you get exclusive access to a growing mailing list of fellow consultant entrepreneurs that act as a roundtable and support group.

Here's what some of our students are saying about their experience:

First of all, thank you for being so available and attentive. Both you and Obie have been absolutely wonderful in this process and I sincerely appreciate the time both of your have put into this. I'm excited to see where I can go now that I know what works.

Before I get into the feedback, I want to provide some feedback on what I keep coming back to as the most important part of the class:

If I forget about access to the community this class has introduced me to, which in itself is worth the price of admission many times over, the biggest benefit I've received from taking the masterclass is an absolute certainty that the knowledge I've gained can be used to grow my business. The masterclass has, in a big way, provided me with the ability to stop worrying about what the path between where I'm at and where I want to take the business looks like. Growth for my consultancy is now a known item and I understand the work I need to do to make it happen. If I had any doubts about the value of this course before enrolling, you two have solidly eliminated them through your full unrestricted access. THANK YOU!

Nicholas Hance of Reenhanced

I'm having a rough time just selecting just one thing to rave about. The biggest lesson I learned was how to productize my offerings to be able move away from hourly billing. Also, the section about utilization/hiring taught me exactly when I need to grow my team.

The time I spent in the workshop was exhilarating. During the 10 hours, I filled up an entire notebook of notes. Having you two share your experiences and being completely transparent was amazing.

I can honestly say that this workshop really helped me lay the foundation for me to grow my consultancy. I always thought that I wanted to have a complete virtual company. However after Brennan's story about his company transition to brick & mortar and the importance of culture expressed by Obie, I have made it a goal in the next 2 years to open up a physical office for my team.

Kevin Faustino of Remarkable Labs

First off, thanks so much for hosting this masterclass and for sharing all of your stories and tips. After first reading Brennan's "Double Your Freelancing Rate" and now taking the masterclass, my company has been undergoing a whirlwind of changes-- all for the better!

I had a lot of "aha!" moments during the masterclass. One that I felt like we needed to do immediately was joining the Chamber of Commerce. We had already identified small businesses as our desired type of client, but we weren't sure how to go about finding these types of clients (going to tech meetups, responding to online ads, etc. just kept putting us into contact with more of the same "dreamer"-type startups that we were used to and wanted to get away from).

I wouldn't cut anything-- every single topic was relevant to my relatively young business, whether it be in the immediate-term or in the short-term future. For example, despite not having any employees at the moment, being able to know what the pitfalls are and what issues to try and avoid is invaluable as we grow.

Obie is someone who we looked up to a lot when we were getting our business off the ground and Brennan is someone who we recently became familiar with but who has helped us so much as we've tried to really upgrade our consultancy. Being able to hang out and actually talk with our "consultancy heroes" was really, really cool.

I think that being able to just talk with other people about their consultancies is something that we didn't think was possible, but we sorely wanted. In my experience, there was a whole lot of secrecy surrounding consulting as a whole, especially regarding rates and such. I think creating a forum to talk about this kind of stuff is wildly beneficial and has really helped us feel like we can take our own consultancy to the next level.

Carlos Ramirez III of Cetrasoft

I'm going to embarrass myself, but the whole concept of a sales pipeline, while it should have been obvious, was like a glass of cold water in the face. To this point, my thinking has always just been, "I've got to get as much work going NOW as I can," not," I need to line up high-quality work at a high rate that I can focus on and schedule it out to ensure continued income."

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Learn more and register at doubleyourfreelancingrate.com/build-a-consultancy

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