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June 14, 2013

I'm Hiring: Web Developer and Designer for LSM Javelin

I'm going to hire two full time, experienced web people in September as the first members of my product delivery team at Lean Startup Machine. We'll mostly be working on Javelin, our killer app for product managers that's currently entering pilot phase at a handful of Fortune 100 companies.

Senior Web Developer

Primarily looking for full-stack web technology experience, especially with modern browser-based MVC and CSS. Best candidate will be a generalist with broad understanding of OO application design, automated testing, cloud-based production environments and Agile processes.

UX Designer / Front End Specialist

Looking for someone special with experience designing and coding modern web and mobile user interfaces. Javascript/HTML/CSS experience is a must. RubyMotion is a big, big plus.

Location: Anywhere in the United States

Compensation: Short-term contract to perm. Low six figures annually plus generous equity

More Information: We are a results-oriented work environment, which means all team members must possess a strong work ethic and high-degree of emotional maturity. Unless they happen to live near me in NW Atlanta suburbs or New York City, candidates must be able to work from home reliably and communicate well via email and videoconferencing. Additionally, as an investor-funded startup, the pressure is often quite high and the right candidates need to be confident enough in their skills and opinions to hold their own among co-founders (me and Trevor) with strong personalities.

Our current technology stack includes Mongo, Ruby on Rails, Spine.js, and Twitter Bootstrap, so experience with those is definitely a plus. Existing interest in lean startup topics is (of course) another big plus. Occasional travel will be required, for company meetings and/or attendance and support of our weekend workshops around the world.


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