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August 05, 2014

The Future of Consulting

I am doing an online (live) panel discussion with special guests a little less than an hour from now.


Here is a brief list of topics that we hope to cover:

- state of software consulting today. static? growing?
- what are the external forces shaping change in the industry?
- opportunities of ongoing engagement outside traditional project-based models
- should firms be looking to unbundle services?
- or additional bundling and/or co-promotion of educational and othe rservices (ala Thoughtbot)
- what is the proper balance of generalists vs. specialists on staff? what are hiring challenges?
- how does a firm stay “top of mind” at clients between projects?
- deployment of proprietary tools make sense? shared IP?
- pricing: time vs. value based?
- new competitors and business models? real threat?
Feel free to add questions for the panelists on the talk page's chat section here. To access the chat, you must be registered for AirConf and RSVP for the panel. If you're a little late to the show (starts 3pm ET) don't worry, you can just hit play on the Youtube player and watch it from the beginning. We'll try to address any questions/comments posted before the scheduled end time around 4pm ET.

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